Rector Search Update: June 5, 2015


Upcoming Site Visits

The committee has completed the phone interviews and is preparing for, and scheduling site visits. This will involve visiting the candidates and their families in their churches, listening to sermons and interviewing staff and church leaders. Joanna Shreve from the Diocese met with the group on June 2 to provide training for this step. The number of visitations and any details about the applicants must be kept strictly confidential by the committee. We appreciate your understanding of this requirement.

Your Prayers are Requested

Please pray for wisdom and discernment and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


If you have a question or concern, we invite you to Contact Us Online or reach out to any individual member: Jim Cobb (chair), Nancy Allgeier, Cal Cornwell, C. J. Gomez, Joe Gutierrez, Jane Houck, Lindsay Jacobson, Chris Kenward, Bob Kunz, Lou Poulain, Ann Stevenson, and Keri Williams.

Rector Search Page

In addition to individual posts like this one, all information and news related to our Rector Search activities is also consolidated on our Rector Search Main Page.

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