Five Part Health & Meditation Series

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New Series on Health & Meditation

According to Wikipedia, Daoist meditation refers to:

“the traditional meditative practices associated with the Chinese philosophy and religion of Daoism, including concentration, mindfulness, contemplation, and visualization.”

Please join us for five weekly sessions on the important physical, mental and spiritual topics of health and meditation. Sean Hong will lead the sessions in both Korean and English.

April 25th (Friday): Low abdominal breathing and Meditation

We will discuss how to breathe properly using the lower abdomen. The session will conclude with the practice of this form of meditation.

May 1st (Thursday): Posture and Meditation

We will learn how to assume the proper posture for optimal health. A guest speaker will present a lecture and check the posture of the participants in this session. We will end up with a meditation incorporating balanced posture.

May 8th (Thursday): Memory and Meditation

Memory can function in a way that negatively affects your health. We will explore and practice how to overcome negative memory impacts through the use of meditation.

May 15th (Thursday): Religion and Meditation

Does truth set you free? What is truth? What is the true essence of religion? In this session, we will investigate the relationship between the meaning of religion and Zen meditation. We will end the evening with Zen Meditation.

May 22nd (Thursday): No Session
May 29th (Thursday): Open Forum Discussion and Meditation

This final session will include a review and open forum covering the issues dealt with so far. We will also practice meditation for 30 minutes.

For location, please see Directions and Campus Map.
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