Wed Morning Bible Study: Book of Isaiah

Book of Isaiah

The prophetic books are unusual and complex compositions that are a call from a prophet to people who have fallen into unhealthy living. These books often contain very vivid language of violence that is confusing to Christians. How do we use that? The Book of Isaiah is no exception and due to its length it can be daunting.

Please join us and the rector as we study parts of the Book of Isaiah. Come see how your spiritual life can be enhanced by these ancient and time-proven words from God.

Date and Time

We will be meeting every Wednesday morning at 10:30 AM starting February 25th.


Saint Thomas Episcopal Church – in the Library, see Directions & Campus Map.

Images used on slider: Art Deco Bas Relief Wisdom by Lee Oscar Lawrie centered on a verse from Isaiah 33:6. The artwork is located at the entrance to 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, New York. Public Domain.

Wallpaper in the background is The Great Isaiah Scroll; part of the Dead Sea Scrolls, it contains almost the whole Book of Isaiah and dates to be from the 2nd century BC. Public Domain.

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