Lectio Divina for Lent: Feb 9, 23 & Mar 8


Lectio Divina for Lent: Lectio Divina is a “divine reading” of scripture, and is my favorite modality of prayer. It does not look treat scripture as a study text as much as the Living Word–as God speaking to the reader in an immediate and intimate way.

In the invitation to holiness in our Ash Wednesday service, we are invited to read the scriptures as a part of the discipline of Lent. I invite you to join me on these Tuesday for lectio divina: Feb. 9, 23, and Mar. 8, at 1:30pm in the Library.

If you wish to learn more about Lectio Divina – read on… ~ Pastor Salying

Slide show image adapted from a digital photo taken by Kristin Munday at Año Nuevo State Park (about 20 miles north of Santa Cruz on Hwy 1).

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