Adult Ed: The Art of Easter

For two weeks in our season of Easter, we are going to study and experience the art of Easter in our Wednesday night Adult Education classes.

Resurrection - Piero della FrancescaArt is a way to access parts of our brain and our life experience that can’t be accessed in other ways. Connecting with the art of Easter will enable us to experience the empty tomb and resurrection of Jesus in a way that book study doesn’t get to.

When we think of the art of Easter we immediately think of oil paintings, but we will also be looking at other forms including: pen and ink, mixed media, water color painting, icons, sculpture, altar pieces and furniture, and tapestries and fabrics. The visual images will include, but not be limited to, the empty tomb, the resurrected Jesus, Jesus with the women at the tomb, Christ triumphing over death, light overcoming darkness, and Jesus appearing to the disciples.

Visiting Art Historian

Art historian, Brandy Bartosh, will come down from Grace Cathedral to lead us through our sessions.

Location Change

We will meet in the church sanctuary instead of the library so that we can use the big screen to experience the many images. See Directions & Campus Map.

Viewing the images is just a first step towards living with the images, praying with them, and even questioning them — which is sure to be a jumping off point for many lively and diverse discussions.


If you have questions or are in need of special accommodation, please Contact Us.

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