ODB Needs Donations for Goodie Bags


This coming Christmas season we’ll be distributing the “goodie” bags to all ODB diners, and small stuffed animals to children.

The bags will include the toiletries that you bring to the church office or put in the big box in the narthex.

Three hundred diners will receive these bags with tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, lotion, soap, and similar items.

In addition, our homeless diners receive socks, tee shirts, razors, deodorant, combs, and sanitizers in special bags that can be discreetly given at a different time. These needy items plus underwear, sweatshirts, washcloths, and gloves are often asked for; large and extra large sizes are usually preferred by most men and women.


Another terrific help item are McDonald’s or other gift cards. Often these cards help a homeless person to enter a place of business with the confidence not only to buy some food, but to use the restroom without embarrassment.


Please bring your donations to the church office, the box in the narthex, or give them to Jan Camp by Saturday, December 12th.

We will set up Saturday morning December 12th in Cowans Hall and fill the bags between services on Sunday morning, December 13th. The 300 diner “goodie” bags will be distributed during the following days leading up to Christmas.


If you have any questions, please Contact Us. Thanks for your help!

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