Adult Education Forum – March 5th

20th Century Philosophy of Science
and the Surprising Truth About the Way You Think
with Randy Smith
Sunday, March 5, 12:30pm

This might be considered one scientist’s overview of developments in the philosophy of science arising from the mid-1900s. Remarkably, I promise no vague theories based on abstruse argumentation. Rather, you’ll see easily understandable applications of everyday reasoning to the way we think about the world.

We’ll visit contributions from notables such as Popper, Hemple, Kuhn, and, given time, Goedel and Schrodinger. We’ll show how by the 1960’s, the weight of simple, ordinary logic crushed the school of thought called “logical positivism” into a smoking ruin.

The scary part of this is … there is a good chance you are a logical positivist! What are you going to do now? You should find ideas here that heighten your sense of the mystery of life, and that may well impact your faith.


Randy Smith has a PhD in theoretical physics, but he long ago abandoned that field for Silicon Valley computer science research labs such as Xerox PARC and Sun (now Oracle) Labs. Further information including readings posted on:

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