Stewardship Campaign 2014

Gratitude for the Beloved Community at St. Thomas

What are you grateful for at St. Thomas? The 2014 Stewardship Campaign focuses on gratitude for the community of St. Thomas Church.

Throughout this past stewardship year we have celebrated the ‘beloved community’ at St. Thomas. A beloved community is a gathering of people who have voluntarily sacrificed some portion of their individualism in order to support the hope for a more compassionate world that follows the teaching of Jesus Christ. We strive for a world of justice and peace, a world where the lowly are lifted up, the hungry are filled and all people are guided by a spirit of love. As a beloved community we at St. Thomas have voluntarily come together to work for these things.

Call to Action

We are entering into the time of year to reflect upon our own gifts and what we can pledge of ourselves. The call to action of this year’s stewardship campaign is for us to pledge our energies, skills and financial resources to sustaining and growing the ministries of St. Thomas.

Share your Gratitude

Let us take time to reflect on our gratitude for the individuals who have come together to give of their time, talents and resources to create and sustain the vibrant ministries that are such a vital part of our beloved community at St. Thomas.

As we begin this year’s pledge campaign, the Stewardship Committee would like to know who and what you are grateful for here at St. Thomas. Over the course of the next few weeks leading up to pledge Sunday, you will find cards throughout the church and are invited to share your thoughts.

Learn More about Our Ministries

In the weeks leading up to pledge Sunday, we will be highlighting some of the many ministries at St. Thomas.

Stewardship Events

The Stewardship Luncheon will be Sunday, October 26th and a week later Pledge Sunday will follow on November 2nd when we will gather our pledges at the altar. Stay tuned for more information and announcements of upcoming stewardship campaign events.

Pray and Reflect

We ask that you please reflect gratefully and prayerfully on what you and your family can contribute to St. Thomas church in the coming year.

With Gratitude, Paul Barics, Jon Aderhold, Elizabeth Fitting and Ann Kopischke, 2014 Stewardship Committee


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Excerpts above taken from “Stewardship Campaign 2014 – Gratitude for the Beloved Community at St. Thomas” reprinted by permission from October edition of Beyond a Doubt parish newsletter. For the full message, go to: Gratitude for the Beloved Community at St. Thomas

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