Stewardship Luncheon – Sunday, Oct. 27th @ Noon

Please join us for St. Thomas’ annual Stewardship Luncheon that will feature a piping hot Baked Potato (& Salad) Bar with presentation of the church’s finances to help guide our pledging plans for the upcoming year.

Date & Time

Sunday, October 27th – immediately following the 10:30 am service.


The Luncheon will be offered in Cowans Hall across from the church sanctuary.

See Directions & Campus Map

Luncheon Menu

Parish Event Planners will set up a Baked Potato (& Salad) Bar where you can load a hot baked potato with your choice of condiments. The same yummy ingredients may also be added to salad greens for a salad instead of (or in addition to) a baked potato.

Cookies for dessert, and coffee, tea, and punch will complete the menu.


During the luncheon, there will be a brief presentation of the status of our church finances and the projected budget for the coming year, to help each of us in our contemplation of our pledges for 2020.

Pledge Sunday

Pledges will be presented on Sunday, November 3rd.

Pledge Cards

If you would like to consider offering a pledge of support for St. Thomas, you are welcome to pick-up a pledge card. These will be in-gathered on Pledge Sunday noted above on November 3rd.

Pledge Cards are available on the back table in the Narthex (in plain speak: just inside the church’s big red doors to the right). Thank you in advance for your care and prayerful consideration.

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Annual Meeting – Sunday, Jan. 27th


Sunday, January 27th – See details below…


In our desire to be good stewards of the gifts that have been pledged by our parishioners and to offer transparency into the church’s finances, we hold an annual meeting to share where we are at, and what the vestry has approved as our budget for the coming year.


Due to the special Annual Meeting event, there will be a single-combined worship service at 10:30 am in the main sanctuary of the church.

The Annual Meeting will begin at the end of service and continue over in Cowans Hall after a brief intermission to dish up at the lunch buffet.

Please mark your calendars!


Parish Event Planners (fondly known as PEP) will be serving deli-style sandwiches.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Plates, breads, sandwich fixings, and side dishes will be offered at the buffet table. As you enter, please take a plate, make your selections quickly and find a place to sit before assembling your sandwich.

Condiments will be provided on each of the tables along with the napkins and utensils. The meeting will continue in Cowans Hall after everyone has been seated.

During this time, the church financials will be presented and reviewed, most importantly the Annual Report for 2018 and the Budget for 2019.


All parishioners are encouraged to attend this once-a-year gathering of the full membership to review these important fiscal reports, to meet the new vestry nominees, and along with the rest of the congregation, to participate in the ongoing life and mission of St. Thomas church. So, please join us!

To gain a greater appreciation of the vestry nominees, please check out their bios in the latest edition of St. Thomas’ Beyond a Doubt monthly newsletter.


All materials for the Annual Report should be submitted to the parish office as soon as possible, and no later than January 15th.

Please bring your offerings to Cowans Hall prior to the meeting so we can stay on track so we can be good stewards of our time together!


If you have any questions or need further assistance, please Contact Us.

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Annual Parish Picnic – Sunday, June 3rd at Washington Park

Join us for fun, fellowship and fabulous food as we gather for our traditional annual parish picnic!!


We’ll meet on Sunday, June 3rd at Washington Park in Picnic Area #3, around noon or immediately after the 10:30 am morning service.

This site is to the left of our usual site between the ball field and the playground. It’s well-shaded but smaller than the location we’ve used in the past. Nevertheless, extra seating will be provided to accommodate everybody.


If you’d prefer your own seating, you can bring personal folding chairs for relaxing on the adjacent lawn areas.


As usual, Parish Event Planners (PEP) will be grilling hamburgers (beef, salmon & veggie) and hotdogs. We will also have drinks available. Please bring a side dish to share to help complement the meal. Suggestions include snacks, salads, veggies, beans or rice, fruits, and desserts. We will be in the park setting up before the service, so you can drop your offerings off there.

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Parish Picnic – June 11th

June has arrived, bringing with it Saint Thomas’ fun-in-the-sun annual parish picnic. This year’s event is coupled with the first of a series of Mass on the Grass outdoor worship services in Washington Park.

Our Parish Event Planners (PEP), who host this event, have it down to a fine art. Come and join us for delicious BBQ with all the fixings, accompanied by a smorgasbord of tasty salads, sides and desserts!


The event takes place on Sunday, June 11th in Washington Park, across the street from Saint Thomas.

Mass on the Grass starts at 10:30 AM followed by the Parish Picnic at 12:00 PM.

Follow parishioners and guests walking across the street to attend the Mass on the Grass worship service at 10:30 AM. Join us in the picnic area adjacent to the ball fields and playground.


If you are new to Saint Thomas, we welcome you to come out and join us! For directions, see Directions & Campus Map.


PEP will be ready with hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. For those with dietary restrictions, turkey, salmon, and veggie burgers will be offered as alternatives. Condiments and drinks are included.


Come ready to join in the fun by wearing your picnic clothes to the 10:30 AM service. Please consider bringing a Appetizer, Salad or Dessert to share and a cozy lawn chair.

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May Daze Dance – Saturday, May 20th

Please join us for an evening of fun – we’re throwing a May Daze Dance Party – Saturday, May 20th @ 7:00 pm in Cowans Hall


The dance party is a church family event and both young and old are included. We have been collecting an extensive playlist of music that supports popular dance styles from the 1940’s to the current era – with traditional ballroom, swing, Latin, calypso, rock ‘n roll, hip-hop, line dances and others…make a request from the list or go with the flow…

Save the date and bring one! Whether you are ready to put one foot in front of the other or have two left feet, there is something for everybody to enjoy! Those who wish to just want to enjoy the music and hang out are most welcome.


In addition to the dancing, Parish Event Planners a.k.a. PEP will provide snacks, coffee, tea, punch and sangria. Please bring some party foods or your favorite beverage to share with others.

So don’t stay home…come out and Join us for Good Music, Tasty Snacks & Fun-loving Company in a safe setting for an evening to remember!

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