“Back-to-Parish Sunday” Service @ 10:30 AM in Cowans Hall + Potluck Luncheon – Sept. 22nd

This coming Sunday, September 22nd we will be celebrating “Back-to-Parish Sunday” as we usher in the fall season and harvest time of the year.

SINGLE Worship Service @ 10:30 AM in Cowans Hall

Mark your calendars in anticipation of a special event as we depart from a more traditional format and do something a little different.

There will be “NO” 8:00 AM Worship Service; instead, we will be gathering as the full faith community in Cowans Hall for a single worship service at 10:30 AM.

There will be “NO” Sermons…what? Instead, we’ll be breaking into a creative liturgy of the Word, partaking in communion and sharing a tasty potluck lunch (more about that below).

Our worship will include special readings with corresponding table discussions and time to construct Prayers of the People together. These will be used in the liturgy (a.k.a. Episcopal speak meaning that these prayers will be included in the order of service).

And there will be music…


Following worship, let’s continue in the spirit of “Getting to Know You” by participating in a potluck meal hosted by PEP (Parish Event Planners). The foods we share symbolize the first fruits of our labors that we set before our faith family to enjoy.

This is a special time to break bread, and to not only share different foods, but also something about ourselves with those around us…how about something that people may not know about you.

For example, “I was on the cross-country team in high school or I do karaoke on Thursday nights.” Whether we’ve been coming to church for a long or short time, there is always something to discover about people in your midst. So, let’s learn something new 🙂

What to Bring to the Potluck?

PEP will be hosting an Internationally-inspired potluck luncheon following the service.

Let’s celebrate the community’s diversity by bringing foods to share that represent our ethnic heritage or ethnic foods we love!

Please bring your food/potluck items to Cowans Hall prior to the start of service to allow time to set up the buffet.

We’ll provide you with a card to identify your dish’s country of origin, and to note any ingredients of importance for those with food allergies or sensitivities (examples: dairy, gluten, peanuts, meat, monosodium glutamate or MSG, seafood; sulfites – found in wine, balsamic and other wine vinegars, etc.). Many thanks!

We would also appreciate having a recipe for a St. Thomas cookbook to be published in the future.

Tapas-Style Buffet

The potluck luncheon will be set up as a tapas-type buffet with small plates for sampling the different offerings. You are encouraged to move around and talk to others about some of the dishes that you like.

Conversations about food are just one great entry point to getting to know each other better, in keeping with our “Back to Parish Sunday” theme.

Come and join-in the community building celebration!

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Keith Giles 90th Birthday Celebration

MP900341731Did somebody say cake? We are a community that lifts each other up in fellowship and faith. We have a special birthday to honor in our midst…

Please join us

We cordially invite you to come celebrate Keith’s 90th Birthday:

WHEN: Sunday, June 29th at 9:00AM (in-between worship services)
WHERE: Cowans Hall, see Directions & Campus Map

Did you know?

Keith is an avid bicycle rider who has done many cycling tours in Europe. He regularly rides his bicycle over to St Thomas on Sunday mornings for the 8 o’clock service. Keith is also a veteran having served in the Armed Forces during World War II in North Africa and the Middle East. He is a retired Air Force Colonel and spent many years with the National Weather Service. Keith has many fascinating stories to share and is a beloved member of the parish.

Community fellowship is a gift

Stop by and wish Keith well – he will be 90 years + 1 day on the 29th!

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