Annual Parish Picnic – Sunday, June 3rd at Washington Park

Join us for fun, fellowship and fabulous food as we gather for our traditional annual parish picnic!!


We’ll meet on Sunday, June 3rd at Washington Park in Picnic Area #3, around noon or immediately after the 10:30 am morning service.

This site is to the left of our usual site between the ball field and the playground. It’s well-shaded but smaller than the location we’ve used in the past. Nevertheless, extra seating will be provided to accommodate everybody.


If you’d prefer your own seating, you can bring personal folding chairs for relaxing on the adjacent lawn areas.


As usual, Parish Event Planners (PEP) will be grilling hamburgers (beef, salmon & veggie) and hotdogs. We will also have drinks available. Please bring a side dish to share to help complement the meal. Suggestions include snacks, salads, veggies, beans or rice, fruits, and desserts. We will be in the park setting up before the service, so you can drop your offerings off there.

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Parish Picnic – June 11th

June has arrived, bringing with it Saint Thomas’ fun-in-the-sun annual parish picnic. This year’s event is coupled with the first of a series of Mass on the Grass outdoor worship services in Washington Park.

Our Parish Event Planners (PEP), who host this event, have it down to a fine art. Come and join us for delicious BBQ with all the fixings, accompanied by a smorgasbord of tasty salads, sides and desserts!


The event takes place on Sunday, June 11th in Washington Park, across the street from Saint Thomas.

Mass on the Grass starts at 10:30 AM followed by the Parish Picnic at 12:00 PM.

Follow parishioners and guests walking across the street to attend the Mass on the Grass worship service at 10:30 AM. Join us in the picnic area adjacent to the ball fields and playground.


If you are new to Saint Thomas, we welcome you to come out and join us! For directions, see Directions & Campus Map.


PEP will be ready with hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. For those with dietary restrictions, turkey, salmon, and veggie burgers will be offered as alternatives. Condiments and drinks are included.


Come ready to join in the fun by wearing your picnic clothes to the 10:30 AM service. Please consider bringing a Appetizer, Salad or Dessert to share and a cozy lawn chair.

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Appreciation Reception for Sheldon & Our Preachers


All are invited to this special event celebrating Sheldon’s long and dedicated ministry to St. Thomas.


In addition to Sheldon, we would like to recognize Michael, Gage and Lou, and thank them all for their combined contributions to the ministry, especially during the interim period.


We will gather in Cowans Hall on Sunday, September 27th, 2015, immediately following the 10:30 AM service


Tapas will be on the menu. PEP will provide Chinese Chicken Salad, a salad bar with fixings for other salads, beverages and cake. As a complement to the luncheon, we request that you bring some tasty and filling hors d’oeuvres to share.

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Parish Picnic on Sunday, June 8th

Hosted by: Parish Event Planners (PEP)

We look forward to a great day of good eats, fun and fellowship – come out and join us!

Time: 12 Noon

Location: Washington Park, Sunnyvale

Our Parish Picnic will be located in the designated picnic area adjacent the ball fields and play area in Washington Park across the street from Saint Thomas.

If you are new to Saint Thomas, we welcome you to come out and join us! For directions, see Directions & Campus Map.

PEP Will Provide

We will be ready with hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. Being mindful of some dietary restrictions, we will also offer turkey burgers and veggie burgers as an alternative. Condiments and drinks will be also be included.

Instructions for Picnic-Goers

Come in your picnic clothes following the 10:30 AM service and for fun – wear something red in honor of Pentecost.

Please bring a dish to share – from one of the following items: Appetizers – Salads – Desserts.

Something for Everyone

Enjoy fellowship, lunch, and afterwards just relax or mingle and chit-chat. No doubt, there will some games to entertain the children.

For Questions or To Volunteer

If you have questions or are interested in volunteering to help out with the event, Contact Us*

*Select Parish Event Planners (PEP) from the drop-down menu to direct your inquiry to PEP.

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