Lunar New “Year of the Pig” Observance – Sunday, Feb. 10th

In 2019, the Lunar New Year occurs on February 5th; however, we’re extending the festivities by observing this special day on Sunday, February 10th.


Traditional customs focus on special preparations like a thorough cleaning of the house and settling one’s debts. Each family’s entire household will in turn gather for dinner to observe the closing of the old year.

The new year begins with small visitations to exchange greetings and small gifts between friends and colleagues to renew relationships over the many days this holiday is celebrated. Finally, the full family gathers together again for dinner to welcome in “The New Lunar Year”.


Traditionally, this will be called the Chinese New “Year of the Pig”. However, we realize that other cultures in addition to the Chinese follow the Lunar Calendar.

We’ll be opening our display and goodies tables up to include other cultural traditions, so that we can grow in our understanding of how Lunar New Year is observed.

Anyone interested in sharing, please contact with Pat D. to arrange for space on the display. We welcome your participation as it allows us to honor each other and our various cultures through these wonderful exchanges.


Join us in Cowans Hall following morning services for special Chinese treats and refreshments during coffee hour.

Enjoy sampling as you explore captivating displays showcasing the “Year of the Pig” Chinese Lunar New Year and a other cultural traditions honoring the lunar New Year. Get ready to expand your knowledge and have some fun doing it!

Gung Hay Fat Choy and See You Sunday!
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Celebrate Chinese New Year!

Gung Hay Fat Choy! The Chinese/Lunar Year of the Monkey has arrived!


We’ll be observing the start of this festivity with a display of some typical ways in which the New Year is celebrated. Along with that, we will have a table of traditional celebration goodies for you to sample. If anyone wants to participate by providing something to add to our display or by contributing something to the “goodies” table, please contact the Parish Event Planners (PEP) so that they can plan to accommodate your items.


In Cowans Hall on Sunday, February 21st, after morning services

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