Adult Education Forum: Your Life with God – Sunday, Mar. 3rd

Led by Zanda Pregeant and John Pietrzyk, this will be the final segment on the issue of “Why Are We Here?

Here’s What We’ll Do

At this time, four questions will be addressed. Folks who are interested will meet, form small groups of three, choose two of the four questions, and then discuss them together.

After thirty minutes, John will call the group together and volunteers will share the findings of the group.

To get everyone ready, please think about the following questions…

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  • When did I first hear of the God story? Did one part particularly appeal to me?
  • Did my friends ever bring it up outside of church?
  • Did I ever have an experience that surprised and shocked me during a church service? (In a good way)
  • Did I have an experience outside of church where I felt strongly that there was something more to life than just the regular routine? (Have strong feelings of love, awe of nature, experience someone dying)


Join us this Sunday for a wonderful event!

slider image – Elephant seals around vista point in Hearst-San Simeon State Park, San Simeon, CA by Andrew Munday. Follow the link to learn more about the elephant seal migration in the state of California.

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Whole Congregation Formation: Old Testament Forum & Lunch – Sunday, Feb. 17th @ Noon


There are multiple ways to learn and all kinds of methods. Pastor Salying has launched a Whole Congregation Formation Program, that links Godly Play during the sermon to a corresponding cross-generation educational forum after the service. Each month will emphasize a different aspect of congregational formation.

Last month’s program focused on Baptism, utilizing two teaching techniques aimed at engaging participants in the learning experience utilizing our heads and hearts. For example, we were given time to pause and ponder, to wonder, and to react both emotionally and intellectually throughout the lesson. In this manner, learning and congregational formation could be approached holistically.


We will once again be utilizing Godly Play during sermon time followed by an Old Testament Forum & Lunch in Cowans Hall after the 10:30 am service.

The experience will be interactive, engaging the senses with auditory, visual and kinetic or tactile elements that are both interesting and fun for parishioners of all ages.

Enjoy a simple lunch of “Biblical” (Mediterranean) food to highlight our special time of learning together in community.

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Forum: Diocesan Resolutions – Oct. 14th @ Noon

Please join us for a Forum hosted by Senior Warden Joe Gutierrez regarding recent diocesan resolutions currently under discussion, including the resolution that our diocese become actively committed to providing sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.


The forum will be offered in Cowans Hall across the courtyard from the main sanctuary.

If you are new to St. Thomas, please refer to Directions & Campus Map for the venue location.


The forum will be offered on Sunday, October 14th after mid-morning 10:30 am service.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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Forum: How was the Bible Written? – Dec. 10th

Back by Popular Demand! Pastor Salying will offer a forum on how the Bible was written and a history of its formation. For those who attended the one in September, a wealth of information was presented.

In the season of Advent, we are encouraged to study and contemplate the Holy Scriptures. With that focus in mind, Pastor Salying will offer the forum again – so please join her in the library for an encore presentation after either of the morning services, on Sunday, December 10th.

Sandwich fixings will be available- food for the body and spirit!

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Protestant Reformation Forum – Oct. 15th @ Noon

Following the 10:30am service, Pastor Rebecca, priest and church historian, will be giving a forum on the Protestant Reformation.

Join us in learning more about this pivotal time in the life of the church. This year marks the 500th year of reform since Martin Luther posted his 95 theses.

You are in for a special treat!


Please bring a bag lunch if you get hungry after the service. We will meet at the back end of the Cowans Hall, see Directions & Campus Map.


Our new adjunct priest, the Rev. Dr. Rebecca Lyman grew up in Michigan. She is the Samuel Garrett Professor of Church History emerita at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley. Educated at Western Michigan University in Religion and History, The Catholic University of America in Medieval and Byzantine Studies and Oxford University in Theology, she taught history at The Church Divinity School of the Pacific and the Graduate Theological Union for many years.

She has published numerous articles and two books on ancient Christian history and theology, including Early Christian Traditions for the New Episcopal Church Teaching Series. She has been a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University and is associated with the Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology Group at the University of California in Berkeley. At the moment she is working on a new interpretation of the history of the “Arian” heresy.

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