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Empowering Motivated Men
Our First Match!

We are excited to announce that between now and September 30th, every donation made to Faith In Action Silicon Valley Rotating Shelter will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $15,000.

We are so grateful to two of our very generous donors who have created this matching opportunity!

Where Does It Go?

We work hard to be good stewards of your donations. Payroll accounts for 75% of our operating expense budget, with insurance taking 14.4%, leaving just a little more than 10% to cover all other expenses. Having a vast volunteer base combined with leveraging the in-kind contributions of shelter, utilities, food and many of the supplies needed for our program has allowed us provide our guests with a “home” where they feel the support of the community.

We are so fortunate to have a strong staff foundation that distinguishes our program. Your financial gifts for Faith In Action provide us with crucial resources and the ability to provide much needed supervision and case management for our shelter guests.

How is it Working?

Last week, one of our guests moved into a transitional apartment where three of our former guests already live. When I talked to him before he left, he was so excited to have a job and a new place to live. Each time I had seen him during his stay at the Rotating Shelter, he mentioned how embarrassed he was to be homeless and how he did not want to draw any attention to himself in public. This soft spoken, gentle man has regained his dignity and confidence and your generosity and support has played a big part in his new lease on life.

Thanks to your support, we have sheltered 130 men since we re-opened the shelter in March 2012 and have moved 66 of them into permanent housing!

Please consider making a financial gift to the Rotating Shelter by September 30th and help us raise at least $30,000!

Gifts may be made online via VISA or MasterCard or by check sent to our mailing address below. Go to:

On behalf of the men whose lives you are changing, thank you again for your care and support.

Cathey Edwards
Volunteer Executive Director

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Faith In Action Silicon Valley Rotating Shelter was established to meet the need to house homeless men in our community. We provide case management, including assistance with job and housing searches, and overnight supervisors who provide leadership and mentoring for the guests. Carefully screened participants sign a contract to remain clean and sober, build up their financial reserves and seek employment and housing. The goal is to help guests move into permanent housing by the end of their stay.

Please visit our website for more information and details: “”

Mailing address: 1669-2 Hollenbeck Ave., #220, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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