Sunday School – April 26

Early Start Today

Please make sure that children arrive at 10:20 am in the Heart classroom. Note this is 10 minutes early. We need some extra time for this lesson.

This Morning’s Lesson

This lesson is on the Sacrament of Communion. We will study the Eucharist and Baptism Homework Packets will be handed to those students who missed the Baptism lesson last week.

Children will have a session in baking Communion Bread in the first part of the lesson.

The second part will be focused on the construction of a Communion Chalice. We will learn about:
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  • Why we take communion and what it means
  • Why we hold our hands the way we do
  • What is the symbolism of our actions


Note to Parents

If your child has completed his/her homework from last week, please bring it to class. Be sure to include his/her “Decorated Dove” part of the homework assignment and that his/her name is written on the back. It will be returned by next week, so it can be used to decorate the Church on Holy Communion Sunday (May 10th) when we celebrate Family Eucharist together.


All children will be invited to take communion together this Sunday in the sanctuary. Parents will be asked to stand behind them in support.

Children’s Sermon

The Rev. Michael Ridgway will share a Children’s Sermon.


If you have questions or need assistance, please Contact Sue Beckham

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