Back to Parish Soirée – Saturday, Sept 6th


Saturday, September 6th at 5:30 PM


Saint Thomas Episcopal Church – Alpha Omega Patio and Cowans Hall

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Parish Event Planners a.k.a. PEP is hosting a Back to Parish Soirée with an “ethnic tapas” potluck. Bring your favorite “ethnic” dish to share and we’ll do the rest. PEP will be grilling up a combination of meat and vegetable kabobs out on the patio to serve as the main entrée for the evening. Hot and cold beverages will also be provided.

The fun part of eating “tapas” style is to be able to “nosh about” with small plates and sample all the different varieties of food that people share.


On the day of the potluck, we will have designated serving tables in Cowans Hall for Appetizers, Side Dishes and Desserts. When you bring dish, please place it on the corresponding table and provide a descriptive card to familiarize people with the ethnic food you’re sharing.

Include the following information:

1) identify the dish, and some of its ingredients (please note if gluten free or diabetic friendly)
2) note its country of origin, and
3) provide any comment you would like to make.


The evening gathering will start at the Alpha Omega Patio where we will have drinks and appetizers as we move about greeting and chatting with one other. Table seating will be available both inside Cowans Hall and outside on the Alpha Omega Patio.

Kabobs will be served from the patio grill. Appetizers, side dishes, and desserts will be available on buffet tables in Cowans Hall. Plates will be located at all of the food stations – please take a small sampling from each area. You will be surprised at how quickly these add up!

Keep in mind that you are welcome to return for seconds or to sample more dishes as often as you wish. This casual style of dining may sound a bit chaotic, but hope you will have fun with it!


A program presentation to report on the status of the Rector Search Process will take place in Cowans Hall following the evening meal. There will be an opportunity for questions and answers. Parish committees may also share a brief update.


If you have any questions or are interested in providing a brief parish committee update (2 minutes or less), Contact Us*

*Please select “Parish Event Planners (PEP)” from the AREA OF INTEREST drop-down list.

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