Family Activities for Holy Week ~ April 5 -12


Today on Palm Sunday we begin Holy Week. One week to tell the story of Jesus’ Sacrifice. It would be wonderful if you could spend some time this week with your children explaining what happened each day of this most special week.


Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a Donkey colt. The people saw him coming and they rushed out of their homes. They were very excited and thrilled to see him. They spread their cloaks and palm branches on the street in front of him and waved more palm branches to celebrate his arrival.

Read Matthew 21:1-11 as a Family. Think of something or someone to celebrate in your lives.


Early in the morning Jesus went to the temple to preach about God’s love. Many people came to the temple to listen to him. The temple leaders did not want Jesus to preach there. He chased the moneylenders out of the Temple which angered many. Jesus wanted to keep the temple a Holy Place.

Read Mark 11:15-19 as a Family. Think of something that makes church Holy for you.


On Tuesday Jesus continued to teach in the Temple. He told stories to show that God wants people to live good lives and be kind to each other.​

Read Matthew 26:6-13 as a Family. What special gift would you give Jesus?


On Wednesday, which is called Spy Wednesday, Judas Iscariot one of the twelve disciples went to the chief priests and was given 30 Pieces of Silver to betray Jesus.

Read Matthew 26:14-16 as a Family. Why do you think Judas betrayed Jesus, his friend?


On Thursday was the Feast of the Passover. This Passover meal we now call the Last Supper because it was the last time Jesus and his twelve disciples would get together to share a meal. At this meal Jesus blessed the bread and wine and told his disciples that they should continue to do the breaking of bread and drinking the wine to remember him.

We do this every Sunday in Church. It is called Communion or Eucharist. After Supper they went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray and Jesus asked his disciples to stay awake with him. But they all fell asleep. At the garden Jesus was arrested.

Read Matthew 26:26-30 as a Family. Jesus prayed in the Garden.  Write a two line family prayer that you can always pray.


The chief priest and other officials turned Jesus over to Pontius Pilate the Roman Governor of Palestine. They were afraid of him. They wanted to have Jesus killed. Pilate washes his hands and says the people can choose one prisoner to release. The crowd decides to choose Barabbas, a murderer. So Jesus is condemned to death and is forced to carry his cross to Golgotha, the place of the skull. There he is hung on the Cross and he dies in three hours. Before he died Jesus prayed “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.”​

Read Matthew 27:31-56 as a family. That night Jesus was laid in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea.  What did his disciples feel like at time?


Saturday was a terrible day for the disciples. They were sad. They thought they had lost Jesus forever. They were afraid the Roman soldiers would come for them. They did not know if they could carry on God’s work without Jesus. They gathered together and hid. They were sad and afraid.

Read Luke 23:49, 55-56 as a Family. Have you ever been afraid?
What could make you feel brave and unafraid. Prayer?


Early in the morning the women who were followers of Jesus went to the tomb where his body had been placed. They wanted to bury the body properly. When they got there they found Jesus’ body was not there. They were afraid his body had been stolen. But then an Angel appeared and said” Do not be afraid! Jesus has risen from the dead. Go quickly and tell the disciples that they should go to Galilee and you will see him there.

Read Mark 16: 1-7 as a Family.
Celebrate the Risen Lord!

Take care of yourselves. Stay safe & be good to each other. May God bless us all.

Happy Easter!​

Sue Beckham 🙂
Director of Family Ministry

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Sunday School – May 15th

Sunday School for children and youth is in session and we’re always happy to welcome new students! If this is your child’s first day joining in, parents please arrive a few minutes early to register your new student.

Just speak with one of the teachers – they are available to assist you.

Registration can be done in any of the designated classrooms located in the Education Building. Classes will be held this week as follows: Children Ages 4 to 7 meet in the Heart Classroom while children ages 8 to 11 gather in the Treasure Classroom.

Nursery Care is also offered for children ages 0 to age 4 in the Education Building.

Need a little help finding us? See Directions and Campus Map.


The Lesson for the day for both classes will be about Pentecost. The color for the day is RED. We are asked to wear red to church on this Sunday.


The readings for the Day of Pentecost: Psalm 104:25-35,37, The First reading is Acts 2:1-21 or Genesis 11:1-9, The Second Reading is Romans 8:14-17 or Acts 2:1-21 and The Gospel is John 14:8-17(25-27).


The Memory verse for this week for those interested: “ The Holy Spirit took control of everyone, and they began speaking whatever languages the Spirit let them speak.” (From Acts)


Next week, on May 22, we will honor Trinity Sunday and we will hold the Family Ministry Ice Cream Social following the Worship Service.


If you would like to teach during the regular school year or help out in the classrooms, please contact Sue Beckham (see below).


If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering, please Contact Sue.

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Advent Activities & Sunday School – Dec. 13th


Classes will begin after the Advent Wreath Lighting activities. Children will first meet in the Narthex – at the entrance to the Sanctuary (see Directions and Campus Map) in preparation for the wreath lighting procession.

The procession will take place at 10:30 am – the beginning of worship service. Please show-up a few minutes early. The children will be directed on what to do and where to go. After the Wreath Lighting we will process to classes in the Education Building.


This Sunday, children Ages 4 to 7 will meet in the Treasure Classroom while Children ages 8 to 11 will gather in the Disciple’s Room after Advent activities.

We kindly ask that parents of new students check-in with a teacher in one of the Education Building classrooms to register your children for class. They are happy to assist you once Advent activities are finished.

Nursery Care is available for children ages 0 to age 4 in the Education Building.

For Education Building location, see Directions and Campus Map.


The readings for Third Advent: The Psalm is Canticle 9, the First Reading is Zephaniah 3:14-20, The Second Reading is Philippians 4:4-7 and the Gospel is Luke 3:7-18.


THE CHRISTMAS PAGEANT: Christmas Pageant Rehearsal will be held in the sanctuary following worship service this Sunday. We will be measuring for costumes that day.

A dress rehearsal is scheduled for December 19th at 9:00 a.m. The Pageant will be held on December 20th during the 10:30 worship Service.

Remember to check the website calendar for upcoming events and class information. Don’t forget to check the weekly slider update the day before!


If you have any questions, please Contact Sue.

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Stations of the Cross

Currently on Display

Last year, a selection of eight Stations of the Cross art pieces by Episcopal priest and artist Eliza Linley were displayed at the cathedral in Cincinnati, and this year we are privileged to be able to share them with the Saint Thomas community. Hanging on the mystery screen surrounding our sanctuary, each Station is accompanied by a description so that your thoughts and conversations can have a starting point.

What do you think of the stations? How do they make you feel?

An Invitation

We have room for additional versions of Stations as well, so if you have personal Stations of the Cross that you would like us to display during this Lenten season, please consider loaning them to us. Your Station(s) will be returned to you after Easter.

Good Friday – April 3 Stations of the Cross Services

12:10 pm Traditional Stations of the Cross
7:30 pm Contemporary Stations of the Cross


If you have questions or are in need of further assistance, please Contact Us

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Family Eucharist – Feb 15th

Family Eucharist

There are Sundays when we celebrate Family Eucharist, choosing to gather together as a full faith community to worship in the sanctuary. On those days, Sunday School is not in session; nursery care will continue to be offered.

On Sunday – February 15th we will gather together for Family Eucharist in the sanctuary, so no Sunday School classes will take place. This Sunday also ushers in the Lenten season with a feast day – we’ll be celebrating Shrove Sunday with an all-you-can-eat pancake buffet to follow each of the morning services. So, please come and join us!

Sunday School

Sunday School will continue the following Sunday on February 22nd.

All classes are held in the Education Building. Pre-registered children may be dropped off at 10:20 AM. If you are new or have not yet registered your children for Sunday School, please come a little early to complete the registration forms.

Nursery Care is open for children ages 0 to age 4, the Heart classroom is open for children ages 4-7 and the Treasure classroom is open to students ages 8-12 in the Education Building.

Class Schedule

During the month of February, Sunday School classes will be held on the 1st, 8th and 22nd in the Education Building with all classes starting at 10:30 AM.

Parish Calendar

Check the Parish Calendar for the monthly Sunday School schedule.


Family Eucharist – in the Sanctuary
Sunday School classes – in the Education Building
See Directions and Campus Map.

New Participants

For more information or if you have any questions, please Contact Sue Beckham.

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