Sunday School – Feb 2nd


This Sunday we will begin the Service and Sunday School outside the Church, entering the Church in a procession with candles in celebration of Candlemas, also called Presentation Sunday.

On this day, we mark the Presentation of Jesus at the temple. This date is 40 days after Christmas and was the day when Mary and Joseph brought the Baby Jesus to the temple where he was presented to the Lord. It was the time for Mary to be cleansed following the birth of a boy child. They brought a sacrifice of two doves or pigeons which was the custom. They were greeted by Simeon who had been waiting a long time for the Messiah and told them that Jesus was “ a light for all nations”. This helped to tie the blessing of candles at Churches to this day. It is also tradition that any Christmas decorations not taken down on Epiphany are removed on Candlemas.

After the procession, class will be held in the Heart Classroom where we will continue our study of the Bible and create a special Bible treat.

This is also traditionally the day that the end or not of Winter is decided by weather of the day. Tradition says that if it is sunny and clear there will be more winter weather ahead but if it is raining, snowing or cloudy there will be an early spring.


These are the readings for Presentation Sunday or Candlemas: Psalm 84, the First Reading is Malachi 3:1-4, the Second Reading is Hebrews 2:14-18, the Gospel is Luke 2:22-40.


The memory verse if you choose to use it is: “Your mighty power is a light for all nations, and it will bring honor to your people Israel.” ~ Luke 2:32 (CEV, Contemporary English Version)

For campus locations, please see Directions and Campus Map.


Hello Parents and Guardians – if this is your student’s first time with us, please arrive a few minutes early to register your child.

We follow safe church practices, so its important that we know who’s in attendance, have parents(s) or guardian(s) check children in-and-out, and provide us us with any important details including contact info in the event of an emergency. Teachers are happy to help 🙂

Education building doors are locked 10 minutes after church service begins for added security…so give yourself a little extra time this first day. Teachers will be available to offer assistance to parents and children with registration, questions or any special needs – just introduce yourself and they’ll take it from there. Thanks so much and we look forward to meeting you!


For questions or interest in volunteering, contact Sue Beckham, Family Ministry Director.

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