Summer Reading Program: Drawing on Aug 20th

Everyone is invited to participate. All you have to do is read any book you want: from the St. Thomas Library, from a public library, borrowed from a friend or one that you have been waiting all year to read from your bookshelf. Too young to read? just have someone read a book to you. Books on Tape/audio books also count.


Write your name and title of the book on the special scoop of ice cream – one per book please. You may choose strawberry, vanilla, chocolate etc. These will be available at the bulletin board in Cowans Hall each Sunday after services. Let’s count how many SCOOPS will be placed on the cone which is found on the bulletin board.


There will be a drawing on August 20 for gift certificates. Your name will be entered for each book you read. The more you read, the better your chances.

Stay tuned and see how much you know about the history of ice cream.

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