Rector Search

After 17 years of devoted ministry to St. Thomas, Rector Wendy M. Smith, retired at end of August 2013. As is customary with a change in spiritual leadership, the Vestry appointed a committee to conduct a search for an interim rector.

Robert L. Keim was chosen to assume a rector’s day-to-day responsibilities and to fulfill the vital role of guiding the parish through a period of transition while preparing us to receive a new permanent rector.

In December, a rector search committee consisting of 12 church members was formed, and a chairperson and non-voting Vestry liaison were selected to begin the discernment process to identify a permanent rector for St. Thomas. This process can take up to 18 months.

The Rector Search Committee

Jim Cobb

Vestry Liaison
Jane Houck

Nancy Allgeier, Cal Cornwell, C.J. Gomez, Joe Gutierrez, Lindsay Jacobson, Chris Kenward,  Bob Kunz, Lou Poulain, Ann Stevenson and Keri Williams

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