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Episcopal Relief & Development is partnering with the Episcopal Diocese of Texas to provide emergency support in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the largest rainstorm in the history of the United States. Emergency support includes pastoral care, gift cards and funding for temporary housing. Teams of trained spiritual care volunteers will be dispersed through the diocese providing care.

With many clergy, staff and congregations sheltering in place over the past few days, Episcopal Relief & Development’s US Disaster Program has conducted regular calls to share information and to provide updates for affected dioceses in Texas and Louisiana. AlertMedia, a pilot program used by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas in partnership with Episcopal Relief & Development, has enabled staff and congregational leaders to share assessment information with diocesan leadership.

Several churches have begun to leverage their existing ministries and community relationships to provide shelter, particularly those who are elderly or medically fragile. They are offering food and emergency supplies and pastoral care for people displaced from their homes.

Please continue to pray for communities affected by Hurricane Harvey, and donate to the following:
Hurricane Harvey Response Fund to help Episcopal Relief & Development assist local partners in responding to critical needs.


In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma unleashed its full force on the Caribbean before pummeling the Florida Keys. It cut a swath from Florida bringing torrential rain to parts of Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina leaving thousands without power, stranded and homeless as well as impacting local industries and agriculture that support the economic viability of these states.

Several Ways to Help Support the work of Episcopal Relief & Development and Post-Disaster Response.

1. Donate to the Hurricane Harvey Response Fund to support impacted dioceses as they meet the needs of their most vulnerable neighbors after this event.

2. Donate to the Hurricane Relief Fund. Your gift provides our partners on the ground with critical supplies, such as food and water for communities devastated by Hurricane Irma and other storms. You’ll also help us empower communities to not only prepare for emergencies, but assist with the long-term efforts needed to rebuild and heal.

3. Please don’t send food, clothing or other items! Donations such as these can actually become more of a burden on the local diocesan leaders than a benefit. The most efficient option is supporting the local economy to respond.

4. Sign-up on the Ready to Serve page to register as a possible volunteer in the future./strong> These are the lists Episcopal Relief & Development staff share with dioceses when they are ready to recruit external volunteers.

5. Read Rob’s Blog on best response practices.

6. Pray! for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey and get the latest program updates on Facebook and Twitter (use the ID @EpiscopalRelief and

7. Share the Sunday bulletin inserts (English and Español)

VIDEO: Presiding Bishop Curry: “Our brothers and sisters in Texas and Louisiana need our help”
VIDEO PRAYER: Presiding Bishop Curry:

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