Altar Flowers

Altar flowers, and greenery during the Lenten season, represent one of the ancient visual elements of worship that greets the faith community when they gather in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. They are received as monetary or in-kind gifts from the people of Saint Thomas in thanksgiving for God’s glory and goodness. They add beauty and meaning to worship, reminding us of the importance of showing care and good stewardship of the earth.

Altar flowers can be given purely as a gift or in loving memory of a departed friend, family member or other cherished person. People may also designate their gift in thanksgiving and celebration of a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion. The intentions behind all memorial and special occasion altar flower donations are shared with the congregation in our Sunday service bulletins.

To participate, look for the “Altar Flowers” sign-up binder located on a pedestal in the Narthex, just to the left of the entry to the Sanctuary.

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