st thomas_worship (5 of 5)Worship at Saint Thomas is the communal celebration of our faith and unity as a body of believers in Jesus Christ as our Lord, God and spiritual head of the church. Our worship is liturgical, meaning that there is a form and order to how services are conducted. Everyone is invited to participate in the preparation and celebration of worship, from bishop and priests to lay or non-ordained members and visitors alike.

The liturgy we use in worship is ceremonial and sacramental with observed rites or rituals.  It follows a liturgical calendar which identifies ordinary time and important seasons of the church like Advent-Christmas and Lent-Easter, celebrations and holy days. These times are welcomed with symbolic colors, imagery, music and pageantry which provide greater depth and meaning to worship.  Shared prayer and Holy Communion or Eucharist are essential elements.

During worship, we walk together through the Lord’s Prayer, remember Jesus Christ’s sacrificial life and purpose, and acknowledge His greatest commands to us to love and serve one another and God. Through sacraments and covenants, such as Holy Eucharist, catechism, baptism, and marriage, we affirm our commitment in faith. The Book of Common Prayer informs and guides our participation.

Here are some ways we can participate:

Worship has many expressions and like Saint Lydia’s in Brooklyn, New York, we are in the process of becoming.  Take a moment to explore Dinner Church as worship, a creative expression of Saint Lydia’s growing faith community. How would Christ have us become fishers of men—the everyday people we encounter in our lives?

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