Church of Tomorrow

Saint Thomas is on the verge of something new.  As we seek to understand who we are, to discover our neighbors and discern our way forward in the area’s everchanging landscape, we have an opportunity to learn, stretch and grow into the church of tomorrow.

We are located in Sunnyvale, California – population estimated at about 147,559 (July 1, 2013) and it’s poised to grow. There are 3 housing communities under development in the downtown area for a total of approximately 570+ apartment dwellings plus another 175 under construction along El Camino Real within 1.2 miles of Saint Thomas. Most of these apartment communities will contain studio and 1 to 2 bedroom floor plans. What does that say to us?

John A. Sobrato, developer & landlord (Silicon Valley Business Journal Jul 15, 2013) There seems to be a changing demographic with employees in Silicon Valley…It used to be typical engineers were in their 30s or 40s. Now they’re a young engineer out of college. These kids want that downtown urban environment.

We are about to get a bunch of new neighbors within the next 1 to 3 years. According to the US Census Bureau (2008-2012), people dwelling in “housing units in multi-unit structures” already constitute approximately 47.1 % of the total population in Sunnyvale and 44.5 % of them “are foreign born”. LinkedIn, Apple, Google and others are moving into the neighborhood and surrounding cities.

So, let’s ask ourselves – who are our neighbors? How can we reach out to them in a meaningful way and welcome them into the Saint Thomas community? A new mission is dawning. Get ready and excited, be creative and grow!

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