How Big Can You Dream?

How big can you dream? What shape can the Good News take from this humble location of our church?


The Discipleship Strategy Group is proposing a Dream Big exercise for the parish as we envision our future. Through parts of July and all of August, you will find a board in the parish hall where you can post your dream. The Group will get together in September to study the dreams and strategize next steps.

At the last vestry retreat, a new committee was formed: The Discipleship Strategy Group. This group was formed to study the issue of vitality in our Episcopal Church, including the diocese, to help the parish understand the current status of parish life, including finance, congregational membership, and the needs of the wider community. It also will organize parish-level conversations around visioning and strategize a plan for the our discipleship, for the dream we dream for God.

The members of this committee are these: Rev. Salying Wong, Joe G., Kristen N., Jim C., Keri W., Ann K., Gage M., Carol C., and Bob K.


The Discipleship Strategy Group invites you to a summer season of prayer and dreaming. May God ignite our hearts on fire to dream a dream of self-giving love, that is good news for our community, that is bold, daring, and big, big, big.

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