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Episcopal Diocese of Northern California responds to the Camp Fire disaster.

The EDNC continues to reel from the impact of the “Camp Fire” in Paradise and surrounding areas. “Family, friends, and loved ones have been displaced. More and more stories are emerging,” reports the diocese, “and the scope of the devastation is truly impossible to imagine, as we start to understand what it means to have a whole town destroyed at one time.” In addition to the loss of property, as of Friday the confirmed death toll stands at 66, with over 600 people listed as “missing”.

A core disaster relief team that is “boots on the ground” has been established at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Chico, 12 miles east of Paradise, the diocese announced. “We will update ​the diocese as we understand more of the needs and how we can best respond as the disaster moves from first responder to recovery stage. Our response team is doing a great job building on their existing connections and networks, as the wider community of Chico pulls together. The Episcopal Church is a part of this response, thanks to the ongoing work of the clergy and laity at St. John’s over the years.”


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Please make checks payable to “EDNC” and put “Disaster Relief” on the memo line.

Checks may be sent by mail to:
The Episcopal Diocese of Northern California
350 University Avenue, Suite 280
Sacramento, CA 95825

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