Adult Ed: Talking about SEXuality


Candid Conversations About Sex, Sexuality and Spirituality – Join the conversation!

A four part discussion series beginning Wednesday evening, April 30th at 7:30 PM in the Library of the Office Wing.

Be prepared for candid, and occasionally blunt, conversation.
April 30th: IT’S ABOUT SEX(uality)

My, how things have changed! … and so have we. Social and cultural norms have shifted, as have the questions and issues we face individually, as partners in relationship, and as a faith community. We don’t often have the opportunity to sit and talk together in a safe and supportive environment about how our sexuality shapes and affects our lives.

May 7th: BODY AND SPIRIT – Sexuality and Spirituality

We are, all of us, sexual beings. But we often treat the carnal, physical aspects of our life as somehow separate from our spiritual nature. Is there hope of finding integration; of being wholly, integrally, sexual AND spiritual human beings?

May 14th: GENDER

Gender is not simple. Neither is this topic. What does it mean to be on the continuum from female to male? What is biology and what are social behavior norms. Who are you attracted to and do you get to choose who you are?


What does it means to be sexual in the second half of life? What changes and what remains the same? Once again, sexuality and culture – this time through the lens of age.

Where do I find it? See Directions and Campus Map.
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