The Rev. Salying Wong

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The Spirit and Bride say, “Let the one who is thirsty come and drink from the water of life.” (Rev. 22:17)

This is what I say as priest, as one who stands in the stream of blessing, as one who points to the holy that pours through our lives: if you are thirsty, come and drink. The waters are deep and broad and poured from an inexhaustible source.

I traversed these waters even as I flew across the ocean at 7 years old from my native land of China, even as I grew up around the canals that irrigated the parched farmland of Fresno. I was immersed in these waters when I was baptized at 12 years old at the First Chinese Baptist Church on Easter Sunday. I felt it welling up in me as I studied undergraduate chemistry at Westmont College and graduate chemistry at the University of Colorado–it filled me with wonder for the surprise and beauty of creation. I felt it hold me even as I decided to leave a career in the sciences to go to the Iliff School of Theology and enter the ministry.

I have a racemic intelligence. I am as curious about physics as I am about art. I want to know the stranger and those who are strange to me. I want to know myself. For if the waters run deep and broad, then the Spirit’s flow can be discovered in the crenulated canyons and painted strata of living.

As priest, I point to these waters and its territories. I say, “Come! Drink up the holy.”

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