Episcopal Relief & Development’s Response to Hurricane Dorian


Episcopal Relief & Development continues to support dioceses in the path [and aftermath] of Hurricane Dorian…

“Disasters have three phases: rescue, relief and recovery,” said Katie Mears, Senior Director for Episcopal Relief & Development’s US Disaster Program. “…We are still in the very early stages of this crisis. Impacted dioceses are prepared to respond and begin assessing damage as soon as it is safe to do so.”


PRAY: Please pray for all those affected by disasters, especially those most recently in the path of the Hurricane Dorian. So many are experiencing personal loss, hardship, barriers and inconvenience in ways that can seem unimaginable to the average person.

Though efforts are being made for continued operations to rescue and restore areas affected, some are just in the beginning stages of a very long process. Church communities often serve as a place people turn to for comfort and assistance at a local level.

GIVE: One of the best things we can do is to GIVE! One of Christ’s core commandments to His followers is to love thy neighbor as thyself. It’s important that we reach out to care for the most vulnerable members and neighbors of these communities. Please consider making a financial donation. Using the following link – submit all contributions directly to Hurricane Relief Fund.

In addition to the online donations link, St. Thomas will make available leaflets/church bulletin inserts on the back table of the Narthex (just inside the church sanctuary’s double red doors) with instructions on how to make a donation in support Episcopal Relief & Development and its response to Hurricane Dorian.

Your donations will help provide support to the Church and other local partners as they provide critical emergency assistance to those in greatest need.

It is with heartfelt gratitude that we Thank You for any and all contributions to Episcopal Relief & Development. 🙂


For news & updates from Episcopal Relief & Development regarding its ongoing response to Hurricane Dorian, please refer to Episcopal Relief & Development.


For over 75 years, Episcopal Relief & Development has been working together with supporters and partners for lasting change around the world. Each year the organization facilitates healthier, more fulfilling lives for more than 3 million people struggling with hunger, poverty, disaster and disease. Inspired by Jesus’ words in Matthew 25, Episcopal Relief & Development leverages the expertise and resources of Anglican and other partners to deliver measurable and sustainable change in three signature program areas: Women, Children and Climate.

Photo courtesy of NOAA Satellites; Image courtesy of Episcopal Relief & Development.

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